April 2020

Vol. 85, No. 4

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Semana Santa

By Joseph Sorrentino
Every Holy Week in Mexico City, young men of deep faith serve as living witnesses to the power of Jesus’ sacrifice.

From death into life

by Valerie Zehl

More Catholics are choosing “green burials” in hope of leaving a lighter footprint after death.


Hopeful resistance

by Father Joe Fitzgerald, C.M.
True ecological conversion must go deeper than our Western worldview.

Joined in prayer

by Patrick Gallagher
This Lent, remember all of Abraham’s faithful descendants in the Good Friday intercessions.

Sounding Board

Pastel colors and paschal candles

by Emily Sanna
Just like Easter eggs, Catholics’ Easter traditions come in many shades.

Expert Witness


an interview with Sasha Adkins
Nothing is disposable—neither our stuff nor the people who produce it—says this environmental professor.

Practicing Catholic

Rinse, pray, repeat

by Susan Salaz
To clear your head, meet God at the kitchen sink.


dove-flying-in-cityThe Examined Life: Our Peace, our world

By Meghan J. Clark
Build a world based on love, not fear.

Margin Notes: Beloved

By Kevin Clarke
Pope Francis has a dream.

Culture in Context: Dashed dreams

By Jessica Mesman
Women’s expectations have changed during Gen X’s lifetime, but the world hasn’t kept pace.

Home Faith: After the fall

By Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck
When Jesus fell, Simon was there to pick up the cross–no questions asked.

Testaments: You are what you eat

By Alice Camille
Do we fix our hungers on wordly fare or fill ourselves with the life Jesus offers?

Glad You Asked: What are stigmata?

By Kevin P. Considine


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You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

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Catholic Tastes (Humor)


Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)