April 2014

Vol. 79, No. 3


Choose your own adventure

By Karen Baker
Whether it’s a trip halfway around the world or just a drive across town, any travel experience can be packed with excitement—and some surprising spiritual discoveries.

Photo essay

A cross history

By John Christman, S.S.S.
Canvassing the art world reveals many different visions of the crucifixion, each with its own unique view of Jesus’ final hours.

Expert Witness

For us and for our salvation

An interview with Father Donald Senior, C.P.
Jesus caused plenty of trouble for the leaders of his day, says this scripture scholar. But was it really enough to earn him the most violent form of execution that the Romans had to offer?

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What are the differences between the passion narratives in Matthew and John?

Sounding Board

Let the people have their say

By Nicholas Cafardi
When it comes to selecting bishops, the sheep themselves know best who is suited to shepherd the flock. In Feedback, readers debate the pros and cons of wider consultation on who deserves to receive a miter and crosier.


(Essays, short stories, and poems may not be available online.)

Essay: High and dry

By George McGraw
For communities with no access to clean water, we can’t keep going back to the well for the same solutions. It is time we tap into new approaches to make water poverty evaporate.

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Tips for conserving water in your parish

Poem: At my brother’s wake

By Brian Doyle

Practicing Catholic: Get on the road 

By Linda Monitello
A pilgrimage is a perfect opportunity to get closer to God. Just pack your bag, grab a map, and you’re on your way.


Editors’ Note

You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

Signs of the Times (News)

Catholic Tastes (Humor)

Culture in Context: Music, film, and book reviews

At Home with Our Faith (Family spirituality)

Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)

Glad You Asked: Can women participate in the Holy Thursday washing of the feet?


The Examined Life: Sole cleansing
By Bryan Cones

Margin Notes: Compassion without borders
By Kevin Clarke

Culture in Context: Art versus artist
By Meghan Murphy-Gill

Testaments: Pray anything 
By Alice Camille