November 2018

Vol. 83, No. 11

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By Claire Zulkey
What do Millennials and women religious have in common? Enough to organize for the future of the church.


by Melissa Walker
How some churches are answering the call to protect undocumented immigrants.


Gun safety

by Jennon Bell Hoffmann
Playing guns: Kids being kids or something to worry about?

Cry about it

by Annemarie Scobey
Tears are a sign of grace.

Sounding Board

Table talk

by Jessie Bazan
Families should make politics dinner conversation.

Expert Witness

The Catholic vote

an interview with Steven P. Millies
What makes Catholics vote the way they do?

Wise Guides

Acting Catholic

by Jennon Bell Hoffmann
Faith played a role in actor John Mahoney’s life both on and off screen.


The Examined Life: A movement of hope

By Jessie Bazan
Let hope move you when you are weary.

Margin Notes: Diaper duty

By Kevin Clarke
What would you put in a parent’s toolbox?

Culture in Context: What works

By Danny Duncan Collum
Sorry to Bother You is a sign that change in labor practices could be coming.

At Home with our Faith: Praying in the minivan

By Annemarie Scobey
Who is my child meant to be?

Testaments: Eternity starts now

By Alice Camille
Humans tend to plan for today, not on tomorrow and much less on eternity.

Glad You Asked: Were there women apostles?

By Alice Camille


Editors’ Note

You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

Signs of the Times (News)

Catholic Tastes (Humor)


Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)