February 2017

Vol. 82, No. 2

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Rules aren’t enough

by Claire Zulkey
Teaching kids empathy means saying more than just “because I said so.”


The gospel of nonviolence

by Ken Butigan
Is it time for the church to reconsider just war theory?

A Prayer For Our Daily Murder

by Brian Doyle
How do you respond to yet another school shooting?

Bridges to peace

by John Rosengren
A war vet and a peace activist forge an unlikely friendship that changes the conversation in Missoula, Montana.

Move with God

by Kevin Considine
God is at work in the new movements for racial justice.

Sounding Board


In guns we trust?

by Father Allan Fitzgerald, O.S.A.
Does arming campus security put Catholic values at risk?

Expert Witness

Pacifism in action

an interview with Gerald Schlabach
Is the church doing everything it can to ensure that violence is truly the last resort?

Wise Guides

Hope for all

by Rhonda Miska
Sister Karen Klimczak practiced radical inclusion, welcoming society’s outcasts.


The Examined Life: A disarmament of the heart

By Beth Haile
Now is the time for open doors and open hearts.

Margin Notes: The church’s peacekeepers

By Kevin Clarke
The Sant’Egidio community’s patient work of dialogue has saved millions.

Culture in Context: A corner turned

By Danny Duncan Collum
The literary genius of Bob Dylan finally earned him a Nobel Prize.

At Home with our Faith: Face to face

By Annemarie Scobey
Discussing our differences works best in person.

Glad You Asked: Can Catholics celebrate the Reformation?

By Jacob Kohlhaas

Testaments: The word on women

By Alice Camille
Are women in the Bible really as weak and suggestible as Christians sometimes believe?