February 2018

Vol. 83, No. 2

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First comes housing

By Elizabeth Lefebvre
Providing a place to live, no questions asked, is an effective approach to ending homelessness.

You gave me rest

by Wyatt Massey
Churches around the country are opening their doors to those experiencing homelessness.


Six blocks

by Angela Hurlock
Children spend the majority of their lives within a six-block radius of their home. Change these six blocks often, and kids lose more than a house.

Hidden homelessness

by Shanna Johnson
Can you still be homeless if you have a roof over your head?

Sounding Board

Settle down

by Sarah Butler

First comes love, then comes homeownership?

Expert Witness

Eviction notice

an interview with Matthew Desmond
Eviction, says this Princeton sociologist, is a cause of poverty to which few pay attention.

Wise Guides

An ill-fitting suit

by Kathleen Manning
Shusaku Endo’s life and writings demonstrate that faith isn’t always easy to wear.


The Examined Life: Contagious joy

By Beth Haile
Spreading the good news comes from the heart.

Margin Notes: Resistance continues

By Kevin Clarke
Respecting “informed consent” promotes care of creation.

Culture in Context: History repeats

By Danny Duncan Collum
Nearly 45 years after the Watergate scandal, here comes the farce.

Testaments: Things fall apart

By Alice Camille
The Book of Job offers hope in the face of apocalypses big and small.


Glad You Asked: Why pray if God knows what you’re going to say?

By Heidi Russell

At Home with our Faith: Love is a skill

By Annemarie Scobey
Learn to speak the five languages of love.

Editors’ Note

You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

Signs of the Times (News)

Catholic Tastes (Humor)


Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)