December 2018

Vol. 83, No. 12

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A Christmas story

By Joseph Sorrentino
Holiday travel is not always by choice. For immigrants escaping crisis, it’s a necessity.

By the numbers

by Jennon Bell Hoffmann
The Enneagram is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Can this ancient personality test provide spiritual guidance?


Mother of ritual

by Bill McNamara
The practice of parenting has deep roots.

The edges of faith

by Fernando Rayas
Discipleship demands that we cross all kinds of borders.

Sounding Board

Never too early

by Meghan Murphy-Gill
Christmas arrives on store shelves earlier every year. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Expert Witness

Let all creation sing

an interview with Elizabeth A. Johnson
Did Jesus really die for our sins, or is there more to the story?

In Person

Holy hops

by Ann Christenson
What would Jesus drink?


The Examined Life: Prepare the way

By Meghan J. Clark
To keep Christ in Christmas, we need Advent.

Margin Notes: Is peace possible?

By Kevin Clarke
A murder in Turkey draws attention to U.S. complicity in Yemen.

Culture in Context: The hallmark of Christmas

By Pamela Hill Nettleton
Why do we love cheesy Christmas movies?

At Home with our Faith: For the thrill of it

By Annemarie Scobey
Thrills aren’t just for kids.

Testaments: No hope too small

By Alice Camille
The entire Christmas season is thanks to a tiny seed of hope in the nowhere town of Bethlehem.

Glad You Asked: Is Advent in the Bible?

By Peggy Ryan, O.P.


Editors’ Note

You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

Signs of the Times (News)

Catholic Tastes (Humor)


Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)