Lent 27

Day 27: St. Vincent de Paul

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St. Vincent de Paul: Gods mercy
Always turn your eyes from the study of your own sin to the contemplation of God’s mercy. Devote much more thought to the grandeur of his love for you than to your unworthiness toward him, to his strength than to your weakness. When you have done this, surrender yourself into God’s arms in the hope that he will make you what he requires you to be and that he will bless all you do. (quoted from The Saints Guide to Learning to Pray by Louise Perrotta, Charis Press)

Reflection questions

1. We spend so much time during Lent thinking about fasting and sin and death. Today, St. Vincent de Paul reminds us that God’s love eclipses our unworthiness. Today, follow St. Vincent de Paul’s advice; spend some time in prayer thinking about just how encompassing is God’s love for you.

St. Vincent de Paul (15801660) was the founder of the Vincentians and cofounder of the Daughters of Charity. He is the patron saint of all charitable societies and works.