Glad You Asked

Have you ever had a question about Catholicism that you couldn’t find an easy answer to? Or a question about a teaching or tradition that seemed to have five different answers, none of them satisfactory? Or maybe you even had a question you felt you weren’t allowed to ask. The new podcast from U.S. Catholic, Glad You Asked, may be just what you are looking for. 

Following the success of the Field Hospital podcast, hosted by Jeannie Gaffigan and Mike Lewis, U.S. Catholic is launching the Glad You Asked podcast based on the publication’s popular print column of the same name. Glad You Asked, hosted by editors Emily Sanna and Rebecca Bratten Weiss, explores some of the questions about Catholicism that don’t have obvious answers—questions that open doors to more in-depth discussion of Catholic history, tradition, and the development of teachings. 

Over the course of the podcast’s opening season, the hosts will talk with teachers, theologians, activists, and other experts in their field about such topics as whether Catholics should serve in the military, whether Mary could have said “no” to God, and what Muslims believe about Jesus. 

Given the nature of our digital world, there’s a lot of information about Catholicism out there. But whether you’re skimming a book at your local parish library or perusing the internet for Catholic topics, you may run into some sources that aren’t as authoritative as they pretend to be. Other sources suggest that there is no room for questioning and that Catholicism requires obedient assent without discussion or exploration. 

On Glad You Asked, the hosts and guests are committed to representing Catholic teaching and history accurately, but also to fostering a culture of conversation and intellectual curiosity. Whether you’re unfamiliar with Catholicism and simply interested in learning more about a major world religion, a convert trying to find your way around a new faith community, or a lifetime Catholic with a longing for thoughtful, empathetic, intellectually responsible conversation, the Glad You Asked podcast has something to keep your mind and your heart engaged. 

You can subscribe for email updates at and look for new episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you have a question you’d love to hear discussed on the program, email U.S. Catholic at

Glad You Asked is sponsored by the Claretian Missionaries.