8 articles for Holy Week

Essays, features, columns, and an interview to help you prepare for Easter.
Leal Pieta smaller

A Holy Week meditation with Leal’s Pieta

Leal’s painting brings us face-to-face with the historical life and death of Jesus.

In Mexico, this Holy Week tradition inspires the faithful each year

Faithful young men spend months preparing for their unique role in the community events.


Can women participate in the Holy Thursday washing of the feet?

Women and men were both participating in the ancient rite long before Pope Francis arrived on the scene.


The Bible is far more than history. It is legendary.

Scripture’s not the complete story, but a collection of episodes from a deep tribal memory.


No one had to die for our sins

It’s time to rethink the meaning of the crucifixion, says theologian Elizabeth Johnson.


Why do we call the Resurrection ‘Easter’?

The short answer is that nobody really knows.

Favorite Easter traditions include faith, family, and food

From sunrise liturgies to lamb cakes, U.S. Catholic readers share how they celebrate.

A reflection for Easter Sunday

Father Robin Ryan, C.P. reflects on the readings for April 4, 2021.

Top Image: Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash