September 2011

Vol. 76, No. 9


Day of recollection

By Heidi Schlumpf
The terrorist attacks of that clear September day 10 years ago changed the world in many ways, writes Heidi Schlumpf. What hasn’t changed, however, is U.S. Catholic readers’ resolve to seek a change for the better.


Peace by piece

An interview with Maryann Cusimano Love
Though the War on Terror rages on, we must turn our efforts to building a just peace.



By Heather Grennan Gary
Millennial Catholics may be young in body, but their souls often seek the spirituality of another era.


Old habits die hard


Admission deferred

By J.D. Long-Garcia
There are a lot of differences between the mid-century vocation boom and today’s apparent bust. For starters, back in the 1950s, no one had $25,000 in student debt.


Hispanics in the pews, but not on the altar


(Essays, short stories, and poems are not available online.)

Last rites for St. Wendelin

By Father Damian J. Ference
Even though a church’s lights may stop burning, the faith it inspired in its parishioners still shines on.

Practicing Catholic: Island queen

By María de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda
Our Lady of Charity did more than deliver three young men from a watery death. She also accompanied a nation as it settled on distant shores.


Editors’ Note

You May Be Right (Letters to the Editor)

Signs of the Times (News)

Catholic Tastes (Humor)

Culture in Context: Music, film, and book reviews

At Home with Our Faith  (Family spirituality)

Eye of the Beholder (Art meditation)

Glad You Asked: Was Jesus a know-it-all?


The Examined Life: Veggie tales
By Bryan Cones

Margin Notes: The wages of war
By Kevin Clarke

Culture in Context: All-natural remedy
By Patrick McCormick

Testaments: A word from the wise
By Alice Camille