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St. André Bessette

Born: August 9, 1845

Died: January 6, 1937

Feast day: January 6

Patron saint of: family caregivers

After being rejected from the University of Notre Dame my senior year of high school, I was determined to do whatever necessary to eventually transfer to my dream school. After spending a wonderful freshman year at Holy Cross College, I was admitted to Notre Dame as a sophomore transfer. I treasure my year at Holy Cross for many reasons. Perhaps most significantly, it introduced me to the brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross and St. André Bessette, a great model of faith in their community. Bessette’s humility and hospitality grounded his daily work and ministry. He was known for his warm and approachable personality. People from the school community and beyond began asking him to pray with them. Perhaps most surprising to those in his own community, it did not take long for people to attribute accounts of physical and spiritual healing to their time with Bessette. As word spread of these miraculous healings, people from near and far flocked to visit and pray with the school doorman.

John T. Kyler

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Brother André Bessette didn't need fancy degrees to know how to welcome the sick who came to the Holy Cross community. Now, he's the order of educators' first saint.

Image: National Library and Archives of Quebec