Just Politics: Pre-election scary season

In this episode of the podcast, our hosts discuss election deniers running for office, the rise of political violence, and the embrace of Christian nationalism by many people.

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Just Politics celebrates Halloween by confronting some of the scariest elements of our pre-election season: election deniers running for the statewide offices that will oversee future elections; threats of political violence; and the embrace of Christian nationalism by many people. Joan Neal discusses these threats with the Rev. Christian Watkins, who leads NETWORK’s efforts to defend democracy through policymaking and advocacy.

Sister Emily TeKolste peels back the scary resurgence of Christian nationalism by looking at the ugly history of white supremacist political violence in the United States.

And on a happier note, we hear from you! Throughout NETWORK’s Pope Francis Voter Tour, we heard from hundreds of people of faith and goodwill committed to protecting and building up our democracy. This episode includes a roundup of “Pope Francis Voter” testimonials.

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