Glad You Asked: What do Muslims think of Jesus?

In this episode of the podcast, Jordan Denari Duffner discusses what Islam teaches about who Jesus is.

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Many similarities and common threads can be found between Christian and Muslim faith traditions. Both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic. Both believe in an afterlife. And while Christianity and Islam have different sacred texts, the Bible and the Quran, some central figures—including Abraham, Moses, Mary, and Jesus—appear in both. The Quran depicts Jesus as a teacher, healer, and even a miracle worker. But Muslims do not believe that Jesus is also God, the second person of the Trinity, since belief in the Trinity is a uniquely Christian tradition. 

So what does Islam actually teach about who Jesus is? What role does Jesus play in Muslim theology? And can a better understanding of Muslim views on Jesus aid Christians in interfaith dialogue? 

Today’s guest on the podcast, Jordan Denari Duffner, talks about Muslim teachings and beliefs about Jesus, as well as how these beliefs connect with other tenets of the Muslim faith. An author and a scholar of Muslim-Christian relations, interreligious dialogue, and Islamophobia, Duffner has also worked as a media consultant and analyst. Her books include Finding Jesus among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes me a Better Catholic, and most recently, Islamophobia: What Christians should Know (and do) about anti-Muslim Discrimination.

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