Editors’ Picks of 2020

The 'U.S. Catholic' editors pick ten of their favorite articles from 2020.

Journalist Tim Egan on the pilgrimage that reignited his faith

Family trauma and professional skepticism led to a 1,000-mile walk of faith

To parent in the present, practice ‘memento mori’

The only certainty in our lives—and the lives of our children—is that one day they will end.

Should Catholics be able to get married outdoors?

Catholics believe that God is present everywhere—not just in church buildings.

Honoring the Catholic faith of a rebel leader from Hispaniola

On September 27 pray with Enriquillo, a champion of the rosary whose prayer still echoes today.

How St. Gertrude of Nivelles became the cat lady of the Catholic Church

Who was this holy woman often depicted with a cat in her arms?

To mourn our ravaged Earth, look to the psalms

Biblical poetry of exile and lament provides comfort when stranded in an unfamiliar place.

God is beyond race and gender. It’s time our sacred art is too.

Predominantly white sacred images can inspire prejudice, says Father Bryan Massingale.

Nothing is disposable—neither our stuff nor the people who produce it

How ending our toxic relationship with plastic could improve our human relationships.

Black saints matter

It’s time to include people of color in the U.S. church’s models of holiness.

Nourish your inner monk through contemplative creativity

Creativity and contemplation go hand in hand.

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