Six ways the pope’s visit will transform America

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Wow! With the visit of Pope Francis, what an amazing time to be Catholic in America! Will it change things? Yes.

  1. The Catholic Church in the United States will become more about open doors and less about forbidding walls.
  2. “Service” will have as much appeal as success – especially for the younger generations.
  3. Social justice and social services programs are now “in.” Donations and volunteers for these organizations will see a clear uptick.
  4. Attractive Catholic characters will appear in films, sitcoms, dramas, and literature. Nuns, social workers, feisty Argentine gauchos and sparkling Irish-American grandmothers will make their way to the screen. Colbert will be amazing. Catholic cats will be viral on YouTube.
  5. Chrysler will sell more Fiats than Dodge Rams.
  6. Donald Trump will experience a dark night of the soul, open the doors of his hotels and apartment buildings to thousands of Muslim refugees, drop the presidential race, apologize to women and Latinos, take a vow of poverty and dedicate his life to serving the poor.

Seriously, friends, the visit of Pope Francis will change America. It already has. Can’t we all feel it?

In many ways, both large and small, our country is so much better for his coming. We have been lifted up as a nation. It really is an amazing time to be Catholic in America.

Viva Papa Francesco! Let’s welcome in the upcoming Year of Mercy with open hearts and ready hands.


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Image: Flickr cc via Gage Skidmore

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Stephen Schneck

Stephen Schneck is a Catholic advocate for social justice and former professor at The Catholic University of America. He currently serves on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.