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Book Marks: New releases on the modern man, confusion, and mysteries

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Here are some interesting new book releases for October:

October 2013
Being a Man After God’s Own Heart

By David Dayler

In his book Being a Man After God’s Own Heart (Novalis, 2013), David Dayler questions how men of today can juggle being a husband, father, son, and colleague, and still have time to be with God and to pray. Using the wisdom of 15 ancient and modern men—from Abraham to St. Peter, St. Thomas More to C.S. Lewis—Dayler shows that ordinary men can do extraordinary things with God.

God in the Midst of Change: Wisdom for Confusing Times

By Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC

From one of the most respected evolutionary theologians of our time comes God in the Midst of Change (Orbis, 2013), a book that author Diarmuid O’Murchu hopes will bring a new way of looking at our chaotic world. By finding spirituality in the distortions of the past, the confusion of the present, and transformative power of the future, O’Murchu helps readers understand God, and the universe, a little better.

Living Biblically: Ten Guides for Fulfillment and Happiness

By Kalman J. Kaplan

Living Biblically (Wipf and Stock, 2013) argues that those who do not believe in the redemptive powers of the Bible are doomed to live by cycling through tragic patterns and making mistakes. By applying biblical wisdom to your everyday life, you will live a happy life and will learn how to deal with daily life issues. This book lays out 10 psychological issues and teaches readers how to work through them.

Great Is the Mystery: Encountering the Formational Power of Liturgy

By Joe Paprocki and D. Todd Williamson

Looking deeply into what happens during the celebration of the liturgy gives us a glimpse into the mystery of Christ. Great Is the Mystery (Liturgy Training Publications, 2013) helps catechists and liturgists alike pay close attention to the liturgy by providing them with quotes, stories, and discussion topics. In its four parts, the book describes the mystery of the liturgy to all.



Illustration by Angela Cox