Just Politics: What’s a Catholic to do?

On this episode of the podcast, Daughters of the Heart of Mary Sister Anita Baird offers insights into the role people of faith have to play in repairing structural threats to democracy.

On this season of the podcast, we’ve looked at Christian nationalism, voter suppression, threats of political violence, and other threats to democracy. In this episode, we ask: What’s a Catholic to do? What role do people of faith and goodwill have in repairing these structural issues? And who’s to blame for creating the conditions that got us here? Sister Anita Baird, D.H.M. offers insights on these questions. As a Black Catholic sister, she offers a distinct perspective on what it means to participate in a system that impacts people’s lives and well-being. She also draws parallels between the struggle for the future of U.S. democracy and the unprecedented listening that is occurring in the Catholic Church via the synod process.

More from Sister Anita: Watch her participate in a dialogue panel on the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington hosted by Georgetown’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life

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