Just Politics

Network Lobby and U.S. Catholic magazine to launch new podcast Just Politics to explore intersection of Catholic teaching and politics

In a new collaboration, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice and U.S. Catholic will launch a new podcast: Just Politics.

Hosted by Sister Eilis McCulloh, H.M., Colin Martinez Longmore, Joan F. Neal, and Sister Emily TeKolste, S.P., Just Politics will be a biweekly podcast about the intersection of Catholic teaching and politics. In each episode, Catholic sisters and their NETWORK coworkers will explore the question, “What does a better kind of politics look like and how can we make it a reality?” with a variety of guests.

U.S. Catholic managing editor Emily Sanna said: 

“Since Vatican II, the mission of U.S. Catholic has been to show how our shared faith calls us to be more engaged citizens of our communities, our nation, and our world. Just Politics and this new partnership with NETWORK allow us to continue that work in a new medium and for a new age. In today’s polarized world, we look forward to exploring exactly what Pope Francis meant when he said, ‘A good Catholic meddles in politics.’”

NETWORK executive director Mary J. Novak, said: 

“We are excited to launch Just Politics, bringing NETWORK’s 50-year tradition of political ministry to a new medium and a new audience in partnership with U.S. Catholic. As we work to dismantle systemic racism, address rising political extremism, and protect our democracy, it is more important than ever to share these spirited conversations about how our faith calls us to respond to the existential threats of our time.”

Just Politics is the third podcast from U.S. Catholic, following the success of Field Hospital and Glad You Asked. New episodes will be released every two weeks starting September 19. Subscribe for email updates below and look for new episodes on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you listen to podcasts.