World Environment Day: Now go outside and enjoy it


Today’s the official day to save the planet! (Not that you shouldn’t be doing little things to help the earth out every day.)

Regardless, it’s World Environment Day and people across the globe are coming together to make a positive change for nature and the protection of Earth. This year’s theme is: Raise your voice, not the sea level!

They’re contributing in small ways. These school children at the Canadian International School (CIS) in Bangalore, India kept up their tradition of celebrating on campus (and made some pretty cool Earth masks, might I add).

Others celebrated in bigger ways—think Guinness Book of World Records bigger. Imagine more than 2,000 Nepalese people simultaneously hugging trees to bring awareness to the importance of saving the forests.


Celebrations in the U.S. are sprouting up. No doubt some will be thinking about President Barack Obama’s new plan to reduce power plant carbon emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

If you need some ideas, here are 11 steps on how you can get involved today.

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Some of us at U.S. Catholic are celebrating by supporting local farms at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market this afternoon.

Happy World Environment Day, everyone! Now go outside and enjoy it.

Image: Wikimedia Commons cc by Tman21901