Pope Francis’ secret life… as Batman?


Rumors have been swirling that Pope Francis is leading a secret double life: Bishop of Rome by day, anonymous helper of the poor by night.

Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the Vatican almoner who Francis told to “sell his desk,” gave rise to the rumors in a recent AP story, which reported that then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was known to sneak out at night and break bread with people who were sleeping on the streets. Though Krajewski is tasked with doing that job on the pope’s behalf now, some began to wonder if Francis could resist doing it himself. Krajewski wouldn’t answer the question directly, and the rumors began to snowball. The Vatican, of course, has denied all rumors.

Leave it to late-night joker Stephen Colbert to connect the dots: Francis is donning a costume (reportedly an all-black one, no less), going out into the night, and helping those most in need. Sound like a certain famous caped crusader?

Thus far, the riddle remains unsolved, and we may never know if Francis is really experiencing a dark knight of the soul. But check out Colbert’s analysis, and keep an eye on the Roman skies for the pope signal.

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Scott Alessi

Scott Alessi is a former managing editor of U.S. Catholic.