#KickPoverty with Catholic Relief Services during the 2014 World Cup


One week from today, the FIFA World Cup will kick off with a game in Sao Paolo featuring host nation Brazil versus Croatia. This year’s theme is “All in one rhythm” or, as recording artist Pitbull declares in the official theme song, “We are one.”

There’s been plenty to suggest that that may not be the case, as comes standard with all sporting events of this magnitude. As we see with most of these gatherings, the possibility always exists for human trafficking, with many Catholics on the front lines to spread the word to stop it. Brazil, which also recently hosted World Youth Day and will host the 2016 Summer Olympics, has seen plenty of social unrest due to the large infrastructure projects required to host all these international affairs.

Beyond the issues in the host nation, Catholic Relief Services points out that 12 of the 32 countries participating in the tournament are places where CRS currently serves. And poverty—along with hunger, human trafficking, and lack of education—make it very difficult for nations, and the entire world, to truly proclaim that all are living in one rhythm. As such, Catholic Relief Services is sponsoring #KickPoverty, a campaign to help raise money to support better futures for those in need. To make a donation, click here.

If you’re among the seemingly large group of people not optimistic about the United States progressing beyond its tough group draw (featuring Portugal, Germany, and Ghana), why not consider the tournament as a way that you can provide hope for others around the world.


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