Green wrapping paper for Christmas


Interesting that as we approach the last week for you to take our survey on going green for Christmas, I received a publicity email today about two new companies selling reusable gift wrap.

You might not be thinking about gifts yet, but it might be a good idea to order your gift wrap now. I know I need to do so. As I wrote in Have yourself a green Christmas, wrapping paper is the next area in which I want to go green. (Do you think it's a good idea or that I'm crazy/a Grinch? Take the survey!)

Why reusable gift wrap? Here's what the press release said about the environmental toll of wrapping paper:

The Stanford University Recycling Center adds, "if every American family wrapped just three presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover nearly 50k football fields."


Sure it might be a bit more expensive, but in addition to environmental savings, you don't have to buy new wrapping paper every year. These two new sites also have much prettier products than ones I have seen in the past two. Lyziwraps seem the easiest to use, while Bobo Wrap has tutorials of how to tie their scarves around presents–or yourself–in fancy ways.

There are also simple fabric sacks (which I suppose you could make with a little effort): Green Life Gift Sack, Luck Crow Gift Bags, and Wrapsack.  

I'm excited to see whether people think I'm a (green) Grinch or not when we compile the survey results in October so take the survey and share it with others.