Daily Links: Polls, petitions, politicians

CNN reports on two new studies: apparently critical thinking can make you less religious, and though politicians are talking up faith, many people wish they wouldn’t. Speaking of faith and politicians,here’s more on Paul Ryan’s back-and-forth with the bishops about his interpretation of Catholic social teaching.

Says Mary Hunt at Religion Dispatches: We are all nuns.

The Atlantic asks: Should a Catholic school be able to be fire an employee over fertility treatments? Be sure to read our feature from September about Catholicism and in vitro fertilization.

The Washington Post notes a shift in support for the death penalty, while Pew notes some interesting changes in attitudes regarding same-sex marriage.

And, a petition was delivered to the bishop who influenced Anna Maria College’s decision to disinvite Victoria Kennedy from speaking at its commencement. However, the bishop has declared he will not change his mind.

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