Coming Soon: Glad You Asked Season 4

Glad You Asked will return to answer more of your questions about Catholicism on April 5, 2024.

Some Catholic apologists talk about the church as though it were a kind of data repository, filled with answers to any possible question a person might have. But in reality, Catholic thought is filled with gray areas and open-ended questions. Even when it comes to questions pertaining to faith and morals, the jury—or the magisterium—is still out, on many of them. 

So what does it mean to understand a topic from a Catholic perspective, if there’s no official teaching on it, or if the teaching has developed and even changed extensively over time? The Glad You Asked podcast digs into the questions about Catholicism that don’t have easy, obvious answers—or don’t have “official” answers at all.

In the past three seasons of Glad You Asked, the hosts and their guests tackled such topics as why God chose Mary, whether Catholics should celebrate Passover, and what the Bible says about LGBTQ people. Now the podcast is back for a fourth season, with a new lineup of exciting guests ready to discuss the questions about Catholicism that are easy to ask but not so easy to answer.

Season four will launch on April 5. Sign up below for updates, or subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.