Your thoughts on mental health and the church

How can the church better support parishioners’ mental health needs? Take our survey.
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In 2021, the CDC reported that the percentage of U.S. adults who had received mental health treatment had increased from 19.2 percent to 21.6 percent. The increase was even larger among adults ages 18-44: in 2021, 23.2 percent reported receiving mental health treatment, compared to 18.5 percent in 2019.

It seems that, across the United States, awareness of and support for those with mental health issues is on the rise. Has the church been lagging behind? While many Catholics have found help and support in the church and other faith communities, many others have shared negative experiences in seeking help with their mental health from the church, whether due to lack of resources available, an over-spiritualization of mental illness, or unwelcoming attitudes in their parish.

Have you sought help with your mental health from the church?

Does your parish offer mental health resources?


How can the church better support parishioners’ mental health needs? U.S. Catholic wants to know.

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