Just Politics: To be truly pro-family

In this episode, our hosts discuss policies that would help families to flourish with Representative Rosa DeLauro and Sister Robbie Pentecost, O.S.F.

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For years, politicians in the United States have invoked the rhetoric of being “pro-family.” But what does that really mean? For justice-seekers, it means policies and policy proposals that would help families to flourish: the Child Tax Credit, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Medicaid expansion, and others. In this episode, we talk to a longtime champion of pro-family policy on Capitol Hill: Rep. Rosa DeLauro. DeLauro, who represents Connecticut’s third congressional district, shares why these policies are so important to her and how her Catholic faith informs her advocacy. Being pro-family also means being pro-woman, and Sister Robbie Pentecost, O.S.F. shares about her encounters with women whose lives are touched and transformed by the New Opportunity School for Women in Berea, Kentucky.

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