Field Hospital: Linda Dakin-Grimm

In this episode of the podcast, Linda Dakin-Grimm discusses how Catholics should respond to immigration.

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Too often, Catholics take their cues from politics instead of Catholic social teaching when forming their views on immigration. In this episode of Field Hospital, Jeannie and Mike talk to author and immigration lawyer Linda Dakin-Grimm about the challenges young people and families face at the border, as well as our gospel-based responsibilities, as Catholics, to immigrants and refugees. 

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Linda worked 30 years as a corporate lawyer before shifting her focus to immigration justice. Since 2016, she has worked with more than 75 unaccompanied children and separated families, and acted as counsel in immigration-related class actions against the federal government. Linda also leads a group of interpreters and mentors who assist migrant children. Her first book, Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Stranger at our Border, was published by Orbis Books in 2020. All proceeds from sales of Linda’s book go to the Southern California Catholic Task Force on Immigration.

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