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Lent Music Madness

Which Mass song will be 2018’s “Holiest Hymn”?
Our Faith

Everyone has a favorite Mass song. Maybe it’s “All Are Welcome,” that song you could never get out of your head after elementary school Mass. Or maybe it’s “The Servant Song,” a hymn you remember fondly from the communion procession at your wedding. No matter the reason, everyone has a song during Mass that makes them think to themselves, “This is my jam.”

This Lent, U.S. Catholic has taken everyone’s favorite Mass “jams” and put them in a bracket (modeled after the popular NCAA basketball tournament March Madness). Every Monday through Friday there will be a different Mass music matchup to vote on, and the song with the most votes will advance to the next round. By Easter Sunday we’ll have 2018’s “Holiest Hymn.” Download and print a bracket to follow along! 

Will underdog “Canticle of the Turning” make it to the Fortunate Four? Will crowd favorite “One Bread, One Body” get knocked out in the Sacred Sixteen?

Fill out your bracket and vote for your favorites. Check back every day to see who won! We want you to help us decide which Mass song will become 2018’s “Holiest Hymn.” 

And the winner is… On Eagles Wings by Michael Joncas! 


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