Dec 22

A reflection for Advent: The Magnificat is a bold prayer


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Western culture tends to think of Mary in soft focus: humbly praying, head bowed, quiet and almost shy in her demeanor. But as I read Mary’s Magnificat day after day, I am struck at how bold and charismatic it is. It is no gentle meditation, but one that makes you want to jump to your feet. 

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

Even when reading the text in Luke it is clear that Mary did not merely recite the Magnificat. She boldly and joyfully proclaimed it, during a moment celebrated by two women, one who had come in haste bearing our savior and another filled with the Holy Spirit whose infant danced for joy in her womb. Two women filled with the joy of God. Two women celebrating what God was doing in their lives.

Reflection questions

1. Am I challenged to look at Mary in a new light?


2. This Advent, am I celebrating what God is doing in my life?