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Book Marks: New releases on parenthood, hospitality, and the afterlife

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November is getting chilly! Wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy these new releases:

November 2014
There’s More… A Novella of Life and Afterlife

By Alfred J. Garrotto

From U.S. Catholic book reviewer Alfred Garrotto comes There’s More… (CreateSpace, 2014). This novella follows a Catholic-priest-turned-baseball player who is shot and killed during the final game of the World Series and has a most unusual companion assist his passage into the afterlife. This book challenges readers to consider cosmic possibilities in answer to the question, “What next?”

Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting

By Laura Kelly Fanucci

Laura Kelly Fanucci sees even the most ordinary moments of parenthood as being full of grace. The spiritual memoir Everyday Sacrament (Liturgical Press, 2014) takes a look at what the seven sacraments really mean and how little ones can show the presence of God, even when moments with them are messy and hectic.

Room at My Table: Preparing Heart and Home for Christian Hospitality

By Evelyn Bence

Come share a meal with Evelyn Bence as she invites you into her book Room at My Table (Upper Room Books, 2014). Through 52 meditations, she reflects on hospitality, generosity, and companionship. With humor and recipes to try, Bence entices her readers to offer hospitality to make their guests feel at ease.

Occupied Territories: The Revolution of Love From Bethlehem to the Ends of the Earth

By Garth Hewitt

Garth Hewitt in his book Occupied Territories (InterVarsity Press, 2014) discusses “Bethlehem theology” and shows how justice and reconciliation are big themes in the birth of Jesus. Hewitt depicts how even the choice of Jesus being born in a simple setting reflects the values of God—especially the commitment to the poor and marginalized. He invites readers to live out this theology.

Fioretti: The Little Flowers of Pope Francis

By Andrea Tornielli


Pope Francis is truly living the gospel, says Andrea Tornielli in his book Fioretti (Ignatius, 2014). Using his insights as a Vatican correspondent for the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Tornielli shares heartwarming stories, incidents, and encounters of Pope Francis from his first year as pontiff. How Francis lives shows his important social and spiritual values.


Illustration by Angela Cox