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Book Marks: New releases on environmental advocacy, parish management, and the last words of Jesus

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Looking for a new book? Here are some you may want to consider in your search:

April 2014
Following St. Francis: John Paul II’s Call for Ecological Action

By Marybeth Lorbiecki

During his papacy, Pope John Paul II was an unexpected environmental advocate. Marybeth Lorbiecki’s compilation of sections of his hundreds of speeches, sermons, and encyclicals in her book Following St. Francis (Rizzoli ExLibris, 2014) shows how John Paul II connected care of the environment with a just human society. This easily accessible book examines spiritual, moral, social, and economical topics for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The Last Words of Jesus: A Meditation on Love and Suffering

By Daniel P. Horan, O.F.M.

The seven last words that Jesus spoke before he died on the cross have been used for meditation for centuries. Fr. Daniel Horan, in his book The Last Words of Jesus (Franciscan Media, 2014) provides readers with an opportunity to dig deeply into these words and reflect on them. This meditation calls for us to continue Jesus’ mission of love and care for all peoples and is ideal not only for the Easter season but for any time of the year.

No Problem: Turning the Next Corner in Your Spiritual Life

By Robert J. Wicks

A collection of 30 spiritual exercises, Robert Wicks’ No Problem (Sorin Books, 2014) is an “inner workshop” for the soul. Wicks uses his insights to provide the means for personal transformation through simple reflections and day-to-day exercises. Grow with Wicks as he brings you on a retreat of the mind to spiritually reflect on the stresses of everyday life.

A Pastor’s Toolbox: Management Skills for Parish Leadership

Edited by Paul A. Holmes

Your parish’s leaders may be prayerful spiritual guides for your congregation, but can they make important decisions in the logistics of the parish? A Pastor’s Toolbox (Liturgical Press, 2014) edited by Paul Holmes provides pastors with training in key areas such as finance, budgeting, hiring and firing, fund-raising, and others. This guide of experts’ insights is a valuable source for handling the complex management situations pastors face daily.

A Daybook of Grace: A Year of Devotions to Draw You Near to the Heart of God

By Mark Gilroy


An entry for each day of the year, A Daybook of Grace (Fall River, 2014) by Mark Gilroy aids in bringing readers closer to God by spending a little time with God every day. With quotes, prayer starters, and Bible verses to reflect on, this encouraging and inspiring devotional book pairs day-to-day life with growing one’s faith life. It will draw you nearer to the heart of God by making spiritual reflection a daily habit.


Illustration by Angela Cox