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Book Marks: New releases on the psalms, justice, and rejecting idols

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Here are some interesting new book releases for September:

September 2013
The Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential

By N.T. Wright

N.T. Wright, in his book The Case for the Psalms (HarperOne, 2013), proves to readers that the psalms are not outdated spiritual verses from biblical times. Rather, they are relevant in today’s world. This nearly-forgotten collection of prayers can work in remarkable ways to reshape the minds and spirits of Christians everywhere if one knows how to use them. His chapters focus on bringing that transformation through song and prayer.

Redeeming Administration: 12 Spiritual Habits for Catholic Leaders in Parishes, Schools, Religious Communities, and Other Institutions

By Ann M. Garrido

Being an administrator can be difficult for some people. Ann M. Garrido, however, has a solution which she shares in her book, Redeeming Administration (Ave Maria Press, 2013). The book has 12 chapters that each highlight a different spiritual habit through the life of a Catholic saint. Whether it be trust, integrity, courage, humor, or another habit, this book has something to teach all administrators that will help them in their crucial ministry in the church.

Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul

By Clare Strockbine

When one is in a right relationship with God, the self, others, and creation, one is healthier and holier. Clare Strockbine shows how one can be together with these things through the definition of justice from Catholic social teaching. In her book, Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul (Liguori, 2013), Strockbine gives encouraging and easily accessible advice for spiritual and physical training through Ignatian spirituality.

Meeting Jesus Christ: Meditations on the Word

By J. Brian Bransfield

Developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ is what Reverend Monsignor J. Brian Bransfield wants his readers to accomplish through his book on spirituality, Meeting Jesus Christ (Pauline Books, 2013). Each chapter focuses on a different scripture passage from the gospels and helps one reflect on its meaning. By opening up the passages, Msgr. Bransfield brings Jesus to life so that readers can encounter Christ more fully.

Giving up god… to Find God: Breaking Free from Idolatry

By Kerry Walters


False gods have infiltrated our everyday religious beliefs and practices in the forms of idols such as “Big Brother god, “My God,” “Sunday School god,” and many more. Kerry Walter’s Giving Up god… to Find God (Orbis Books, 2013) tries to rid us of these subtle yet destructive idolatries and gives us ways to focus on finding authentic freedoms in the worship of the one real God.


Illustration by Angela Cox