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Abraham Heschel

Born: January 11, 1907

Died: December 23, 1972

Born in 1907 in Warsaw, Poland, Heschel was the descendant of some of the most important rabbis of Eastern Europe. As early as age 4, he was recognized as having an intellect far beyond his years. Heschel’s first published work was a book of poetry in Yiddish, which for centuries had been the common language of the world of Eastern European Jews.

It was a world headed for extinction in 1940, when Heschel arrived in the United States. Having lost many of his relatives and colleagues in the Holocaust, he was keenly aware of surviving the slaughter—“I am a brand plucked from the fire, in which my people were burned to death.”

Alan Hurwitz

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Like Abraham Heschel, live with radical amazement

Rabbi Abraham Heschel taught Jews, Catholics, and people of all religions how both to live and die with faith, awe, and courage.

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