CathCon bloggers go “lamestream”

Or mainstream, in terms of media. After about a decade, an Associated Press writer has finally noticed the world of conservative Catholic bloggers. Titled "Catholic bloggers aim to purge dissenters," it for me demonstrates all that is wrong with the far right end of the Catholic blogosphere: an unacknowledged "Cafeteria Catholicism," for which they excoriate everyone one else; a self-defining Catholicism in which the boundaries are drawn not by scripture and tradition but by themselves; and an appalling lack of Christian charity, by far the most disturbing.

Quoting from the AP story by Rachel Zoll: "We're no more engaged in a witch hunt than a doctor excising a cancer is engaged in a witch hunt," says Michael Voris of and St. Michael's Media. "We're just shining a spotlight on people who are Catholics who do not live the faith."

So other baptized people are a tumor in the perfect mystical body? A number of scripture texts offer themselves as commentary, but there is one from St. Paul that seems most apropos, something about "banging gongs and clashing cymbals," ending with something like, "but the greatest of these is love." Charity, that is.

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