photo 5 - Wedding Vows in Cana

Alice in the Holy Land: Wedding vows in Cana


From January 17 until January 27, U.S. Catholic and Catholic Theological Union are cosponsoring a Holy Land pilgrimage that is led by CTU’s eminent scripture scholar and Jerusalem expert, Franciscan Father Leslie Hoppe. U.S. Catholic’s popular scripture columnist Alice Camille is also accompanying the group and leading prayers, reflections, and discussions. She is filing blog posts from the trip. Here is a description of Cana:

It’s not the ancient city of Cana, where Jesus launched his ministry after his mother pushed him into it with the pointed remark about the wine. But it’s become traditional in modern Cana to renew wedding vows on this street. But not usually on the street, as this couple is doing here. Turns out the church is closed on Sundays, and yes, I know that sounds odd. However, Jim and Jackie were determined to speak words of love to each other once more with the church community all around, having come halfway around the world to do so. And for our part, we were delighted to supply that witness. As Father Leslie keeps reminding us, church isn’t a building. It’s a gathering.

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Image: Photo by Alice Camille

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