What does Christmas mean to you?

What is the true reason for the season? Take our survey.
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In just a few short months, the holiday season will be upon us. Christmas decorations will start going up, reruns of Elf will be playing on just about every channel, and countless Christmas shopping lists will be typed up and agonized over. Someone will probably tell you that it’s time to “get into the Christmas spirit!” But what is the Christmas spirit, anyway?

With a holiday as popular as Christmas, there are almost certainly as many ways to celebrate it as there are people who celebrate it. But do they all embody the true reason for the season?

Has Christmas become too consumerist?

Is the Christmas season a time of peace and quiet, or hustle and bustle?

What does Christmas mean to you? U.S. Catholic wants to know.


Image: Unsplash/S&B Vonlanthen